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Is Twitter Becoming FB?

This week Twitter launched a new look for user profiles.  Many in the tech world have been speculating that the evolution of Twitter’s UI is meant to give it broader appeal by invoking the look and feel of Facebook. While this may help Twitter to capture users as they depart the Facebook platform, it also […]

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Facebook Buys Back Its Luster with WhatsApp

The news that Facebook is acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion has many conjecturing that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is disrupting Faceboook before a competitor can by adding new messaging capabilities.  This is one interpretation but only part of the picture.

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Emergency? Check Twitter – Works for Companies Too

For the socialrati, Twitter can be a lifeline of ideas, insights, and social connections. For others, tweets and status updates may not be considered vital.  However, a string of natural and man-made disasters has shown that social media can be a lifeline for victims and responders in emergencies.  If you’re used to thinking about social […]

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