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Is Twitter Becoming FB?

This week Twitter launched a new look for user profiles.  Many in the tech world have been speculating that the evolution of Twitter’s UI is meant to give it broader appeal by invoking the look and feel of Facebook. While this may help Twitter to capture users as they depart the Facebook platform, it also […]

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Best Blogging Secrets

5 Ways to Magnetize Your Blog Posts | Infographic

Creating compelling blog posts is critical to social media success and the folks at WhoIsHostingThis.com have developed this handy infographic loaded with useful How To tips for novice and expert bloggers alike. The infographic reveals the best-practices secrets of creating blog posts that not only grab attention but keep it, ensuring you are delivering your content in the most compelling ways, including: Making […]

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Kitchens Just Got Connected with Amazon Dash

Even if you’re home is not on the bleeding edge of IoT development and you don’t already have a connected thermostat, front door or refrigerator, Amazon is piloting a way to connect your kitchen to the internet. Fresh on the heels of

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Mobile TV Watching on the Rise

Most people know that mobile devices have had a profound impact on the way we communicate, shop and get our news.  But mobile is also reframing  the way we watch television and movies. eMarketer estimates that the average American now spends

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3 IoT Factors in Losing A Plane

As the headlines continue to report a lack of information about the mysterious Malaysia Airlines disappearance, one of the questions being asked is why crucial flight data like that recorded on an airplane’s black box is not transmitted off the plane in real-time? Why keep the data locked in a crash site that may or may not be […]

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