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3 Must-Know Things About Mobile Marketing

Freaked Out About Mobile?

Mobile marketing can seem alien or different from other aspects of marketing. To help you breathe easier and deliver on high expectations, here are three things you must know for a successful mobile marketing strategy.

1) Mobile is Not a Monolith

The term “mobile” encapsulates a lot, including a variety of operating systems, device types, screen sizes and activities. Forrester Research says 66% of smartphone users tap their devices while in a store, compared to only 9% of tablet users. What activities will your users do most often and on which devices? Are smartphones, tablets or phablets more important for your business? Should development be focused on a responsive website, a wearable device or an immersive app experience? Define what mobile means to your users and your business before building your marketing strategy.

2) Basic Marketing Principles Still Apply

This lack of homogeneity may seem daunting but mobile marketing is still about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Assume your visitors’ first path is via mobile and learn as much as you can about their devices and contexts. Define the minimum requirements for a good mobile experience with your company. Get these right first, then get fancy.

3) Mobile Means Change

Mobile marketing is a process of frequent iteration. Your planning cycles and expectations should match the pace of mobile change. Operating system updates will impact your apps.  New device types with different form factors and screen sizes will change the way users consume content and transact. For example, the introduction of phablets shifted reading and watching from smartphones and tablets to phablets. Build periodic reviews into your mobile marketing planning to ensure you are delivering a high quality mobile experience and that marketing activities are aligned with new mobile realities.

 What has been your biggest mobile challenge?

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