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Is Twitter Becoming FB?

This week Twitter launched a new look for user profiles.  Many in the tech world have been speculating that the evolution of Twitter’s UI is meant to give it broader appeal by invoking the look and feel of Facebook.

While this may help Twitter to capture users as they depart the Facebook platform, it also risks changing some of the things that are unique about Twitter.  It was designed as a lean, fast, text-based platform that appealed to users for the speed and simplicity with which it allowed users to communicate.

Updates like the addition of photo tagging, potential changes to nomenclature (“Tweets” may become “Shares”), and the graphic heavy profile updates feel like a departure from the Twitter brand and risk alienating its core base of 241 million monthly users.

At the same time, they may allow Twitter to get its user base growing again by making it more accessible to a broader audience of users and marketers.

Mashable has created a helpful walk through of the new profiles which you can find here.

What do you think is core to Twitter that it should not change?
What’s your opinion of the new profile page?


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