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Mobile TV Watching on the Rise

Most people know that mobile devices have had a profound impact on the way we communicate, shop and get our news.  But mobile is also reframing  the way we watch television and movies.

eMarketer estimates that the average American now spends 4.5 hours per day watching TV and 5.25 hours accessing media on other devices (up from just over 3 hours per day in 2010).  This adds up to almost 10 hours per day, if counted linearly, of digital media consumption. (Note: this stat does not account for the overlap in time as viewers use multiple devices while watching TV).

Mobile media consumption accounts for the bulk of the change in behavior growing from just 24 min in 2010 to 2 hours and 21 minutes in 2013.

emarketer time spent per day with major media

A recent Digital Consumer Trends 2014 study by Deloitte confirms this shift by also showing that TV and movie watching on mobile devices is on the rise for U.S. consumers, particularly among people under 30.

This is due to two complementary phenomena:

1 >  The rise of digital content
  • The amount of available digital content has expanded dramatically along with digital distribution.  In addition to a rapidly growing number of cable shows, original content is now coming from untraditional sources such as Amazon (e.g., Alpha Male) and Netflix (e.g., House of Cards)
  • A growing number of consumers – particularly millennials aged 14-30 – now prefer to stream their content from digital sources (e.g., new school Netflix) rather than using physical media like DVDs (e.g., old school Netflix).
  • Deloitte’s survey shows that the number of people who will watch 70% or more of their content via streaming this year has doubled from 12% to 24% since Deloitte began conducting the study five years ago.
2 >  The growth in use of all device types
  • Because more U.S. consumers now have smartphones and tablets, TV and movie watching is happening on a larger range of devices than ever before.
  • While televisions are still the dominant device, as you can see below, more of us are watching on laptops but also on smartphones, tablets and even game consoles.  Again, millennials are leading this shift.

Mobile TV and Movie Watching on the Rise

 Do these stats reflect your experience?

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