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Mobile Delivery @ Your Car

In a fresh twist on ‘mobility’ Volvo is piloting Roam Delivery, a mobile service which will deliver orders straight to your parked car.

Aimed at busy professionals, the service puts Volvo in the middle of your deliveries, adding mobility to your delivery site and another use for your Volvo, a connected device.  It also could save retailers and delivery companies up to a billion Euros per year in re-delivery costs from missed or problem deliveries.

In the pilot in Sweden with a grocer and a third party delivery company, Volvo managed deliveries by providing the location of the buyer’s parked car and description information (color, model, license plate number).  It also provided a one-time digital unlock code to the car to allow items to be placed inside.  It then re-locked the vehicle once the vendor showed the delivery as complete.

Volvo Delivery to Your Parked Car

Delivery to Your Parked Car

Since deliveries of valuable items could encourage smash and grabs and groceries delivered in the hot sun might go bad, such deliveries are probably best for lower value non-perishable items, at least for now.  Volvo is also still sorting out insurance and safety issues.

This is an interesting innovation that puts auto makers in the data stream of connected devices.  Auto manufacturer’s data would be very valuable to third parties and could create some interesting new revenue streams for car makers like demographic and purchase data, a piece of commercial transactions and location based offers based on cars as a mobile devices.

The value of this service to you as a consumer assumes that you trust your car company to manage multiple parties and your data.  Volvo’s reputation in Sweden probably doesn’t make this a stretch there but would you trust your car maker to do this today?

Mobility & Cars Update: According to the Financial Times, Apple is also looking to embed its technology into smart cars from Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz.


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