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3 LinkedIn Features to Boost Leads

LinkedIn Overlooked as Lead Source

LinkedIn might be your most efficient social channel for lead generation. According to a recent HubSpot study, “LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher than both Twitter (0.69%) and Facebook (0.77%).” Given these stats, optimizing your company’s LinkedIn presence might be one of the best (and least expensive) ways to generate leads that close. Here are three LinkedIn features HubSpot recommends you focus on:

3 LinkedIn Features to Leverage

1.  Customize the Products & Services Tab on Your Company Page

Use LinkedIn’s Products and Services tab to feature your company’s products and services, linking to relevant landing pages. You can also create variations of your Product/Service page for specific target profiles built from LinkedIn profile information. Displaying the most relevant offerings to your company page’s viewers can increase likelihood of a click-through to your website.

Tip: Once you add five products or services, tab customizations kick in which allow you to feature specific products. Monitor your results with custom tracking tokens.

2.  Use Status Updates Strategically

Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn Status updates can include text, links and photos that drive awareness, interest and traffic to your website or blog. As with other social sites, monitoring the traffic your status updates yield will help you know what and when to post for best results.

Tip: Post status updates regularly to share industry or company news, product or service updates, or common questions customers ask and that you answer on your site or blog.

3.  Check Your Company Page Statistics Often

LinkedIn provides data on unique visitors and page views by company page tab, as well as visitor demographics and promotion tracking. This data can help you understand who is checking out your company and its products and services to ensure you attracting the right audience.

Tip: Determine goals for growth in views and percent of visitors who meet your desired profile. Then test and adjust your content to meet your goals.

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What LinkedIn features have you found most effective in promoting your business?

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