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9 Ways to Know Your Community is Awesome

The Fast Company Expert Blogger Drew Neisser recently featured a post on 9 Ways To Measure The (Actual) Success Of Your Social-Media Community. The post uses metrics gleaned from the successful SAP Community Network.

The measurements are great examples of metrics that go beyond “likes” and status updates to reflect true user engagement and perceived value by an active community’s members and the company to which that community is tied.  I also like that this company has found a way to openly embrace tying content to commerce (measure #5).

Here is the list of nine measures of a successful community: 

1. Adding members is no longer a key performance indicator

2. Community engagement is a daily activity

3. The community jumps in to defend the brand

4. You can drive your own circulation

5. The community willingly embraces a direct sales channel

6. The community impacts product development

7. The marketing group wants in

8. The community drives cultural change within marketing

9. The content developed on the community profoundly improves SEO

For more detail, see the original post or link to the interview with SAP’s Chip Rodgers on TheDrewBlog.com.

How do you measure the success of your community?


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