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10 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

Engagement Marketing tools provider Constant Contact has released an ebook of 10 Best Practices for Social Media Marketing (see this and other guides on the Resources page of this blog).  Rather than focusing on the specifics of which sites to use, this practical guide gives solid fundamentals for any marketing campaign, which are particularly applicable to social media marketing.

The top three are:

1) Define a goal 

How will you know if you’ve made progress or hit your targets if you haven’t yet defined them?  Start small with your existing customer base on one topic to keep your initial social media marketing efforts from becoming overwhelming.

2) Know your brand

Understanding your brand personality is important so that you can reflect it properly and positively in your marketing

3) Market where your audience is

Focus your efforts on building a presence on social sites where your target audience will see and can interact with your messages

The other 7 best practices are equally useful:

4) Tell your audience where to find you by making sure all your communications list additional ways to connect, learn and interact

5) Add value to conversations by sharing expertise and taking the conversation deeper

6) Be relevant on business, community and individual levels by tying your brand to your audience with relevant events and information

7) Engage your audience by listening well

8) Be active about posting but don’t spam

9) Respond promptly and professionally to questions, comments and even criticisms from your audience

10) Share credit (thank you Constant Contact!) by citing and thanking your sources and linking to sites where you find helpful information

Click here for the report and all the juicy details.


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