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Buzz Less, Engage More: 5 Social Media Lessons from Zappos

“My mom has zero buzz but when she says something, I listen,” says Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh in his book Delivering Happiness.  Why do you listen? Because, in the parlance of social media marketing, your Mom has spent a lifetime building engagement and trust with you.  This has built her brand as someone who has your best […]

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7 Types of Social Media Data your Business Intelligence Should Deliver

Social media can really turn up the volume for a brand and, in the process, generate a lot of data from users of blogs, social networks and other sites.  Although this data can be analyzed to better understand customers from a variety of perspectives, the high volume makes it a challenge. There are many social media analytics options but a white paper by Sysomos suggests […]

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9 Ways to Know Your Community is Awesome

The Fast Company Expert Blogger Drew Neisser recently featured a post on 9 Ways To Measure The (Actual) Success Of Your Social-Media Community. The post uses metrics gleaned from the successful SAP Community Network. The measurements are great examples of metrics that go beyond “likes” and status updates to reflect true user engagement and perceived value by an active community’s members and […]

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Up Engagement with 7 Learnings on Social Business

The transition from business as usual to social business is, like any change, hard.   According to a Business Insider blog post and Forrester Research, only 8% of end users working in companies that have implemented enterprise social networks use those social software tools. But, employee productivity and customer satisfaction are there for the increasing with the help […]

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