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Social Media is Everybody’s Job

In a recent video interview, Radha Subramanyan of NM Incite made a bold statement. “Social media,” she said, “is everybody’s job.”  That may seem far fetched but, in fact, it’s true that all companies are now media companies. Every company that has a website and channels of communication is a media company to a degree.  Just because the media channels have changed to include social where companies my have less control, doesn’t let companies off the hook for representing themselves well in the media.  And, because the dialog about companies is happening whether companies participate or not, every company should be listening and scooping up those customer insights and perceptions.

“I’d encourage [companies],” Radha says, “to think of [them]selves as needing to own [their] media.”  Taking this a step further, companies need to own the whole relationship with the customer including interacting with them via social networking and social media tools.

How is your company owning its own media?


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