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Social is personal, even for companies

Companies need a personality if they are going to participate in and gain from their engagement with social.  At least that’s one conclusion to draw from Jim Edward’s BNET post 7 Social Media Campaigns for Brands With No Personality.  In the post Jim discusses the usefulness of adding a personality to products which aren’t that exciting, like Jean-Claude Van Damme representing Dash laundry detergent or Travelocity’s roaming gnome who now has over 14k followers on Twitter.

What the use of these personalities brings home is a fundamental tenet of social business.  People like to do business with people.  They like to feel that they have a personal connection with brands and products.  People don’t buy from companies, it is said, they buy from people.  In buying brands, they buy the lifestyles of the people those brands reflect.

So companies stand to gain significantly when they align their brands with personalities – whether those personalities are celebrity spokespersons or employees.  The challenge is accurately and positively representing the brand across all marketing touchpoints, including a social employee base.

Which B2C or B2B companies do you think lead the pack in effectively leveraging their brands via social?

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